Update: Life After Anti-Depressants

Now that my brain is (for the most part) no longer chemically imbalanced, thanks to anti-depressants, everything just seems so… even. Today I looked back at some of my notes from last year and I had so many things that I wanted to write about. Really good ideas actually. I miss my enthusiasm. I really wish I could spew the strong positive feelings that I did in many of my earlier posts. I feel like I traded one thing for another.

Why You SHOULDN’T “Be More Positive”

5 Winning Ways To Process Your Emotions!

I noticed a loongg time ago that there was something called “Toxic Positivity”. I didn’t know what it was called back then, all I knew was that it didn’t feel good. It didn’t feel good that when I was upset or hurting people would tell me to look on the bright side, or be grateful for the good things in life, or to “just be positive”.