6 Tips: How To Increase Your Self-Esteem

Hello loves! I’m so glad to be back to posting more often now that the baby is close to being on a schedule. It’s definitely taking me a bit of time to get back into my grove but I’m getting there. Right now baby is sleeping soundly in his rocker, the dishes are washed, andContinue reading “6 Tips: How To Increase Your Self-Esteem”

Bae not doing enough for you? The ONE thing you need to ask yourself

Art night with the kids. I attempted to recreate an art piece I saw at Goodwill that I had wanted to buy but didn’t. Art is so therapeutic. Hello Gorgeous One😍. Hope you’ve found your day inspirational! So anyway, I’ve had the idea for this post for awhile but the words just hadn’t come toContinue reading “Bae not doing enough for you? The ONE thing you need to ask yourself”

The Most Important List!

So I’m late again but no worries. Today I was planning on writing about an incredibly frustrating day I had because I think it’s important to be transparent and write about the trials and tribulations of  farm life. But this post took another turn when I wrote this sentence: “But to be fair, this lifeContinue reading “The Most Important List!”

Should women make house keeping a priority??

mornings be a little fuzzy.Photo credit: My two year old Goodmorning! Monday again and I have to say that lately I’ve been feeling that my Mondays are a bit hectic. This may have to do with the fact that I tend to leave EVERYTHING to Monday. And that is a habit that needs to stop,Continue reading “Should women make house keeping a priority??”

Not A Mom, But A Woman, With Babies.

” Moms don’t make mistakes, they don’t do things they wouldn’t want their children to do, they stay in abusive relationships “for the sake of the children”, they cook healthy and delicious meals daily, they have perfectly clean and organized homes, they fix things, fix EVERYTHING, make things better, they teach, nurse back to health,Continue reading “Not A Mom, But A Woman, With Babies.”