10 Ways To Be An Awesome Mom

Over the years, I’ve read all the books, took the time to find the right pediatrician for my kids, made sure they we’re succeeding in school, made healthy meals, helped them with their extra curricular activities, and so on. And while that’s awesome, I’ve learned that being a great mom isn’t about that stuff. Great moms have that special something, a secret ingredient list, and I’m about to share one with you!

When You’re Not Thriving In Motherhood- Surviving The Toddler Years

I love being a mom, but the toddler years are just not a phase I thrive in. Even though I know these days are few and I should cherish them, I find myself dreaming about the days when he will wake up a happy, independent preschooler. I dream about the days I can put him down to sleep and he won’t wake the second I try to leave the room. I dream about the day I can say, “Go play” and he will find something that will distract him for hours. I dream about the day I can do things with him and not in-spite of him. Sometimes we just aren’t naturals at certain aspects of motherhood. That doesn’t mean we won’t be rockstars in other aspects. At the end of the day, you do what you can and do it the best way you know how.

With that being said, here are the top 10 ways I’ve learned to survive the toddler years .

How To Handle Angry Kids

How often as mothers do we have to deal with angry, emotional children? From meltdowns over not getting a candy bar at the grocery store, to more serious cases, I can definitely say it’s a big part of motherhood for me. Obviously, learning to deal with your emotions is a completely normal part of growing up. Unfortunately with the way we parents often handle our children’s outbursts, you’d think we didn’t know that. Many of us simply weren’t taught how to express our emotions, especially anger, in a healthy way and so are left without the resources to teach our children. As you know, if you’ve been with me for awhile, I have had to undergo quite a transformation to get to a healthy place in my life and expressing my emotions in a non harmful way has been part of that. Along with that came a piece of the puzzle I never really thought about, how would my emotional stability, or lack thereof, affect my children? As I’ve been on a journey to become a more conscious parent I began to see quite clearly how my unhealthy relationship with anger negatively impacted my children. In other words, I was messing my kids up.

How I made the decision to be a stay at home wife and mother

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The Most Important List!

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On being more than I am: who my daughter needs

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