I Changed My Mind… And What I Learned In 2020

Hello amazing readers :). So yes I changed my mind. I actually changed my mind awhile back but, I honestly just wasn’t up for writing. So much has happened in the last few months that really had a horrible effect on my self-esteem. I tried to write again and again but it was quite difficult for me to write without turning into a mess. I wrote the excerpt below at one point when I was trying to continue the blog and it describes what I was feeling in that moment…

Fall Is Here! Seasonal Self-Care For Body And Soul

I get super excited about fall. I love coziness, fall colors, cool weather especially when the sun is out, all things pumpkin, and mostly, the excitement of all the fall and winter holidays and festivities coming up. I won’t even let myself have my pumpkin spice latte until the official autumn equinox (which usually falls- lol- on the 22nd of September) because the first day of fall is just that special to me lol. As I’ve become a mother caring for our 5 kids, I also realize that fall is a time for some serious self care. So today I wanted to put together a self-care list for fall. Whether you love fall, or can’t stand it ( you monster! jk 😉 ), this list will help make the season feel so much better, I promise. Here it goes: