Books By LC Venegas

Thank you for visiting! Here you will find all books authored by LC Venegas. LC Venegas is a self-published author and blogger. As a mother and person of Mexican and Native American heritage, she is inspired by her community and home life. Her first book “Yamila Chooses Yes Or No”, a boundaries book for children, was published in February 2021, and two more children’s books are expected to be published this year. We hope these books will be enjoyed by you and your children for years to come!

Yamila Chooses Yes Or No

Emiliano tags along with his big sister Yamila as she exercises her right to say “No!”. But will her family be upset with her for being so bold? Find out in this fun rhyming book! Help children (and adults too!) to feel comfortable saying “No” when the time arises for them to stand up for themselves.

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