My Kids, My Best Self, and Anti-Depressants

Hello my beautiful readers! So today’s post is a spontaneous share. I started to write earlier but of course got distracted by my lovely children and incredibly messy house. I haven’t been up to doing much besides resting so the house is in definite disarray. I should mention that I’ve been dealing with some health issues that, though minor, have really taken a toll on me. To deal I’ve mostly been watching Netflix and sleeping a lot. I’ve been agitated and burnt out. I finally decided to do something about it and saw my doctor yesterday, which brings us to today’s post.

I Changed My Mind… And What I Learned In 2020

Hello amazing readers :). So yes I changed my mind. I actually changed my mind awhile back but, I honestly just wasn’t up for writing. So much has happened in the last few months that really had a horrible effect on my self-esteem. I tried to write again and again but it was quite difficult for me to write without turning into a mess. I wrote the excerpt below at one point when I was trying to continue the blog and it describes what I was feeling in that moment…

Saying Goodbye

Hello my beautiful readers. It’s been awhile and i know I promised bi weekly blog posts and that I had big things in store. It pains to me to finally say this, but I’ve decided not to continue this blog. I had every intention to continue writing, but after my husband told me that this blog took a lot of my time with very little if anything in return, I just felt a little discouraged. I have to invest money to keep this blog going and I’ve worked hard without little to no monetary returns. There’s a marketing side and after my social media break, I realize that I just don’t like being on social media enough to make it my job, nor am I great at it anyway. But that’s not the reason I decided to quit…

How To Feel Better About Your Body In One Week!

Hey guys so this post is late but it was really difficult for me to write this post, especially when I haven’t been feeling great about my appearance. But right now I’m focusing on accepting what is, because for so long I focused on what I wished for. What I’m doing at first felt like resignation, but I realized that it’s not. I still want to be healthy and I continue working on that, but I am learning to do so in a way that is conducive both to my lifestyle and mental health.

Fall Is Here! Seasonal Self-Care For Body And Soul

I get super excited about fall. I love coziness, fall colors, cool weather especially when the sun is out, all things pumpkin, and mostly, the excitement of all the fall and winter holidays and festivities coming up. I won’t even let myself have my pumpkin spice latte until the official autumn equinox (which usually falls- lol- on the 22nd of September) because the first day of fall is just that special to me lol. As I’ve become a mother caring for our 5 kids, I also realize that fall is a time for some serious self care. So today I wanted to put together a self-care list for fall. Whether you love fall, or can’t stand it ( you monster! jk 😉 ), this list will help make the season feel so much better, I promise. Here it goes:

How To Handle Angry Kids

How often as mothers do we have to deal with angry, emotional children? From meltdowns over not getting a candy bar at the grocery store, to more serious cases, I can definitely say it’s a big part of motherhood for me. Obviously, learning to deal with your emotions is a completely normal part of growing up. Unfortunately with the way we parents often handle our children’s outbursts, you’d think we didn’t know that. Many of us simply weren’t taught how to express our emotions, especially anger, in a healthy way and so are left without the resources to teach our children. As you know, if you’ve been with me for awhile, I have had to undergo quite a transformation to get to a healthy place in my life and expressing my emotions in a non harmful way has been part of that. Along with that came a piece of the puzzle I never really thought about, how would my emotional stability, or lack thereof, affect my children? As I’ve been on a journey to become a more conscious parent I began to see quite clearly how my unhealthy relationship with anger negatively impacted my children. In other words, I was messing my kids up.

The Portland Save-cation And Asking My Husband If He Wants A Divorce

Portland is one of my favorite weekend getaway spots. Luckily my husband thought that we needed time away from the house and decided to take us there for a weekend. We left the older kids with his sister and just took the dogs and the baby. It was definitely just what the doctor ordered. AsContinue reading “The Portland Save-cation And Asking My Husband If He Wants A Divorce”