Fall Is Here! Seasonal Self-Care For Body And Soul

Hey gorgeous reader! I am sooooooo happy fall is here. I’m an October girl- if you know, you know. Summer is just not my season but let’s not even talk about that. Anyway, I get super excited about fall. I love coziness, fall colors, cool weather especially when the sun is out, all things pumpkin, and mostly, the excitement of all the fall and winter holidays and festivities coming up. I won’t even let myself have my pumpkin spice latte until the official autumn equinox (which usually falls- lol- on the 22nd of September) because the first day of fall is just that special to me lol. As I’ve become a mother caring for our 5 kids, I also realize that fall is a time for some serious self care. So today I wanted to put together a self-care list for fall. Whether you love fall, or can’t stand it ( you monster! jk 😉 ), this list will help make the season feel so much better, I promise. Here it goes:

Early morning GIANT cup of chai tea, a cozy blanket, and crazy hair😊

A Fall Self-Care Checklist:

Make your home cozy!

Scents. We all know about fall decor so I’m not even gonna talk about that. But what I am going to start with is scents. Filling your home with scents that make you go “Mmmmmm it smells so good in here!” is scientifically proven to make you happier. You don’t have to get any fancy candles. You can boil some cinnamon sticks and orange peels, or bake something in the slow cooker to make your home smell amazing and that is super cozy!

De-clutter. I know that does NOT sound enjoyable to some. BUT this is about self care and not all self care is enjoyable while you’re doing it. Some stuff is for the value of the after effect. Since we will all be spending more time inside, a little de-cluttering will make your home feel so much cozier! Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this all in one day. I think picking one small space to de-clutter per week or even per month if you’re super busy is sufficient in most cases. I usually start with one of two spaces- the space that’s the most obvious to the eye, or the space that’s the easiest. My first fall de-cluttering project will be my book and magazine area.

Prep the house. Have those heavy sheets and blankets ready for the first cold night of fall. Check to see if there’s anything that needs to be fixed. Don’t forget the car too! Maybe you want to change out the curtains for something thicker that keeps the cold out. You’ll feel so much more relaxed on those stormy nights if you know you’ve fixed the leaks and have candles and a lighter ready if the power goes out.

Food. Start filling your pantry so you have the ingredients for your favorite fall dishes on hand. In my house we do a LOT of baking, so I’m stocking up on all my baking supplies. I also love to make autumn soups. Make a space to keep your favorite recipes. You might want to stock up on hot drink supplies for tea, coffee, or in our case, Mexican hot chocolate.

Body Care!

Skin. The colder weather can make your skin dry. Keeping hydrated is a good excuse to invest in some lovely herbal teas. A hand salve and lip balm are a necessity. Make sure you are well supplied with your favorite moisturizers. Plus, you want to be silky smooth for cuddling with your honey.

Luxuriate. Hot baths, beauty products in fall scents and colors, soft sheets and blankets against your skin… This can really help your mood if you’re someone who gets depressed by the rain and cloudy days. You don’t have to spend a lot. Remember, it’s all in the little things.

Prepare for cold and flu season. There’s no escaping the sniffles in the fall and winter. I always stock up Tylenol, IBProfen, vapor rub, and vitamins. I also make sure I’m adding lots of veggies to our meals. I saw one mother on youtube say she starts adding Emergen-C to her kids juice at breakfast. You can make a batch of chicken soup, or whatever your go to meal is for sick days, and keep it in the freezer ready to go when you need it.

Movement. I changed exercise in my vocabulary to movement. Movement sounds gentler and more doable to me. Think fall hikes to see the leaves change of color or apple picking. When you have to stay in, go dancing with the crew or have after dinner dance parties with the kids. Start your day with a 5 minute stretch. Whatever it takes to keep you from feeling sluggish- make that a priority!

Mental Health!

Start a journal. Fall is a great time to begin journaling. It’s truly a time to go inward and reflect. If a blank page feels intimidating, try a guided journal.

Expand your mind with an interesting book. A good book is soo fall. Lol. I heard that mysteries are considered a fall book theme. I personally like books about the home. I’ve been really into Scandanavian concepts like Hygge. So I have a few books on mind to read about Scandanavian homemaking which I’ll list below. If you’re not big on reading, audio books are a thing for a reason!

Have a plan. With fall being cold and flu season it’s important to have a plan in place for sick days. Our plan is pretty simple- the sick person watches movies and sleeps all day, drinks lots of water, eats homemade chicken soup, and they usually get their favorite candy. I cancel all plans and take it easy because as you moms know, once one gets it, they all get it. If you work outside the home, make sure you have a plan for childcare or to take time off from work if you need it. If you don’t have paid time off, you may want to start saving a few bucks a week to make sure you’re covered for unexpected tight budgets. It’s also a good time to start planning for the holidays- budgeting, etc. Don’t let all this planning overwhelm you. The point of planning early is so that you can take it slow and not rush.. Try taking 15 minutes once or twice a week to go over things.

Make it fun. Enjoyment is an art and it’s one we should get good at. Life is tough and so many negative things are surrounding us at all times. For our mental health it’s important to make positive experiences for ourselves and especially for our children. When you are filled with joy you can spread that joy all around you. Enjoyment can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It can be enjoying the view on your drive to work. It can a trip to the bahamas. It can be a hug or a good book. Of course my favorite form of enjoyment in the fall is attending all of the fall festivities like Pumpkin Patch outings. I also live for my first taste of pumpkin anything, eating tamales on Thanksgiving, and fall scents ALLLL day!

Well my beautiful readers, I hope you enjoyed these self-care tips and reminders and I’m wishing you a beautiful season full of cozy goodness! Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you love (or hate) about fall!


My Fall Reading List

The Little Book Of Hygge https://amzn.to/3imlLpZ

Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much https://amzn.to/33iHoDl

Cozy: The Art Of Arranging Yourself In The Worldhttps://amzn.to/3cMgDKG

The Art Of Making Memories: How To Create And Remember Happy Moments https://amzn.to/30mMUCP

25 Days Of Holiday Organizing https://amzn.to/34fbEOJ


  1. These are great suggestions! A de-clutter at my house is definitely high on the list.

    1. lcvenegas says:

      thank you! happy fall!

  2. Cindy says:

    I love this blog. I’m going to change exercise word to movement too. I have trying but I’m still let my body heal from all that has happen. I cant wait to continue reading more blogs.

    1. lcvenegas says:

      thank you girl! yes definitely allow time for healing💖💖. So glad you’re here!

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