I Miss You!

Hey loves! Soooo if you follow me on facebook you know that I decided to take the summer off from writing. But I miss it so much that I decided to drop a line and say hello 🙂 …. I truly hope all is well with you and that, despite the current environment, you are safe and finding comfort in whatever joy comes your way, however big or small.

A lot has happened this summer. And I’m not just talking about covid. Earlier in the season my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though she’s doing well, I’ve felt quite stressed over it. I’ve mostly been handling it by drinking too much cheap wine, but after a night with half a bottle to myself I think wine and I are calling it quits. Anyway, my parents moved in with us and I believe the future looks bright, even if there have been a few bumps along the way. Trying to help my parents move with a one year old in tow was the challenge of the century. Luckily all of our amazing family and friends showed up to make it happen. My body feels tired, but my heart feels full.

My mom and I back in May.

Aside from that, we actually had a really great summer. We went on a few weekend trips that were amazing. Cannon Beach in Oregon, Silverwood Theme Park and Farragut State Park in Idaho, a camping trip near Yakima, and hopefully we’ll be ending the season with a trip to Neah Bay and Ocean shores. I know many people choose not to travel at all during quarantine and I respect that . Our stance is that we don’t want our kids to fear living life. We’ve taken all the recommended precautions and have been able to maintain social distancing at all locations. The rest of the summer was spent watching the kids play and having picnics and bbq’s in our yard, all the while having deep conversations on how the world is changing and we need to take this time to learn. The kids have really enjoyed our family time and I think they will look back on this time with great memories. For me 2020 was not and is not “cancelled”.

Farragut State Park, Idaho. The kids had a blast swimming, even though the water was COLD!

Bayview, Idaho. Cute little town on the water. Not a ton to see, but what was there was cool. They had a floating restaurant!

This was a picture from our camping trip at Sawmill Flat campground in Naches, Washington. It’s a great campground but I didn’t get a ton of pictures, unfortunately.

Cannon Beach, Oregon. This was definitely one of my favorite trips. We went to Astoria, Cannon Beach, and Seaside in only 24 hours, and even with the kids it didn’t feel hectic at all.

This season, I’ve had to dig deep and bring any lessons life has taught me to the forefront. Stress used to be my kryptonite but today I can say I’ve learned to maneuver it, if only for a bit. I have also really tried to work on taking life as it comes, instead of trying to control it. I learned that I’m not responsible for what life brings, I am only responsible for how I react to what life brings and that feels like enough.

But as of right now, I’m ready for a new chapter. I’m ready for fall. I’m ready to really get to work on my writing. And I’m so excited for what’s in store! I promised that I had some great things planned for this fall and don’t worry, even with taking a month off and everything that’s going on, they are still on my agenda! So while I can’t announce everything (yet)! here are a few things you can look forward to from Homemaking and Healing starting in the end of September 😀.

Homemaking and Healing Fall Season To Do List:

  1. Bi-Weekly Blog Posts!
  2. Weekly Youtube Videos!
  3. Top Secret Product Launch, SSSHHHHHH!

And lot’s more which I’ll be sharing on facebook and instagram so make sure to follow me there! I’m so excited to start interacting with my community again! Let me know in the comments what your summer life lesson was. Till next time!

With much love and encouragement, LC xoxo

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