New Year, New Me?? Nah…

Pretty but a bit too generic am I right?

Happy 2020 my beautiful readers! As of right now we are an hour and 49 minutes in. I may or may not get this finished but my kids are all asleep and I had pretty much the most uneventful new years eve ever, but I liked it. My stunning rendition of Selena’s “Que Creias” while doing kareoke with my husband was pretty memorable. The baby was sick as they tend to get right on the days you expect to go out, but also I just wasn’t feeling it (as in going out) this year. We did end up having a couple close friends over and it was so refreshing and satisfying to have some good conversation over good food.

So that was my new years. But let’s get to the point. It’s a whole new decade and here come the new years resolutions. I make some every year. But this year just feels different. Maybe it’s because I’m older…and wiser lol. The whole “New year, new me!” thing sounds so…unnecessary. Saying that sentence out loud made me stop and realize, I like ME, and definitely don’t want a new me right now. I think I’m pretty, intelligent, compassionate, ambitious in my soul searching (if nothing else haha), a mindful parent, a moderate to good cook on most days, I can see past people’s egos, I can keep my mouth shut when I need to for the most part, I could probably think of more great things about me because my mom raised me all conceited and that’s just the truth, but I’ll stop there for now.

I’m a firm believer that if you want a good life the place to start is with your inner world and I’ve been living there for quite some time. I’ve spent the last few years working on myself, trying to become someone I’m comfortable with and enjoy being, well now it’s time for the payoff. This year for me is about success and joy. I want everything to start moving in upward motion. I’ve worked hard and I’ve sacrificed more than my share, and I’m ready for all the luxuries life has to offer. My outlook on life is like this:

  1. Learn all you need to learn about yourself, and unlearn all the bullshit that fucked you up. You can ease up on this for awhile after you get the big stuff out of the way but you pretty much will forever be doing this.
  2. Once you get your inner world straightened out, work on the outside world. The dream job, the material things, the experiences.
  3. Give back.

I think this sounds like a good plan. Keep in mind number one will probably start well after you have gone through some shit, failed at everything you started, and have hit rock bottom. Some of you may be tempted to start with number two, but from what I’ve seen that’s a slippery slope. Self-sabotage is real my friends. Some of you are getting those flashbacks right about now.

Before we get to all the luxuries I’m manifesting for 2020, I feel called to mention that while New Years may be about things you want to come into your life, it’s also about things you want to leave where they belong-in the past. Here are 5 things I’m leaving in 2019:

  1. Complaining. I really hate typing this one because now I actually have to do it. Ok I won’t stop it completely! But here’s the deal, I get 90 days to complain, if after that I still haven’t fixed the problem, I don’t get to complain about it anymore.
  2. Trying to fix myself. I ain’t broken no more.
  3. Yelling at my kids. I never thought I’d write that, I have so much inner peace that it just seems unnecessary now, though it will take great discipline, let’s be honest lol.
  4. Procrastination. OOOh, one of my greatest weaknesses. I will miss you my baby.
  5. Grudges. Did I just write that? Wait, let me delete. Just kidding. Who said letting go was easy?

Alright, so now you know what I’m leaving in the past and it isn’t much actually, but you can’t eat the whole elephant at once right? (Do people say that? Must have heard it somewhere…) Anyways, with all my talk of inner work and learning/unlearning you probably want to know what my biggest lessons were from this decade, so here they are, one for each year:

  1. People pleasing doesn’t actually please anyone in the long term.
  2. I’d rather eat alone in my own house than alone at someone else’s (yes there’s a story that goes with that which I won’t write here but it’s pretty much about how I’ve been going to this same annual party for 13 years before I realized I don’t actually have any friends there. Was I even invited? Don’t worry I’m not that crazy, I was lol)
  3. Saying NO to others and YES to myself feels REALLY, REALLY GOOODDD.
  4. People have a right to make mistakes, stop trying to keep them from learning (It’s you, you are people, and so are others).
  5. I should strive to be the person I hope my kids turn out to be, then I can stop projecting onto them and let them be who they are.
  6. Accepting that certain circumstances and choices of others affected me does not mean I can’t take responsibility for the direction I want my life to go in.
  7. If it doesn’t bring inner peace, it’s not love.
  8. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, everything I want and need already exists.
  9. Staying away from negativity is crucial self-care.
  10. I became the person I could trust with my heart.

Ok, so if you’ve gotten this far, I applaud you! Now it’s time for the fun stuff. What I’m manifesting for 2020! I’m sharing something very personal with you right now, that means I’m not sharing it on Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere else. My vision board! I really love it and feel motivated and excited for the future every time I look at it. I took a course called Law of Attraction for Babes by Mina Irfan who I’ve mentioned before in previous posts. It’s a short course that cost me $27 bucks and I think it was worth every penny and that’s how I got started. You don’t need to take a course to do a vision board, that’s just how my mind works- I need to take a class on pretty much everything for it to sink in. All you need is to know what you want to manifest, then have a way to display that information visually. I used the Canva app for mine. The second “rule” is there can’t be any negative words or pictures on it. For example, instead of saying “lose weight”, or “don’t be fat”, I put “fit and sexy”. Anything that brings you bad vibes should stay off your vision board, so spin everything positively. If you want me to do a post that’s more detailed on how to do a vision board let me know in the comments!

This year’s theme is Joy&Success. I might add a few things but it’s pretty much finished. The illustrations are by Rose Hill Designs.

So that’s that lovelies. I’m so grateful that you’ve graced my life with your presence in 2019. Let’s make 2020 the best year yet!

Btw looks like the word of the day is unnecessary. What’s unnecessary in your life that you can leave in 2019?

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