When I Got Here…

So while I’ve written about my marriage conundrums and farm life updates, what I may not have mentioned is that I’m also a lover of poetry, I even write some of my own. I thought I’d share here a poem I wrote about the internal challenge I faced when I decided not to go into the workforce and instead make homemaking my career choice. Originally titled “What happened to my feminism?”, it’s evolved and I think it’s ready to share.

When I Got Here

You brought me to the far away house

Where there are trees for the children to run through

I watch them

Telling myself there are more important things I could be doing

You said I would find peace here

This is the place of tea and daydreams

Green smoothies for breakfast

Chocolate Abuelita’s on cold days

to keep the kids nourished body and soul

Steak and tortillas on the table when you get home

Sometimes I feel like a message in a bottle

WIth a story to tell and no one in sight

Drifting on a sea of endless thought

Wondering if this is heaven or hell

and I feel like running

On those days you bring me flowers and peanut butter cups

And tell me you believe in me

Then I feel another baby squiggling through my body

Hugs from my daughters

Stories from my sons

And I’m reminded that I am needed here

That I am too important to leave

and that for my heart,

There is nothing more important.

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