The Most Important List!

So I’m late again but no worries. Today I was planning on writing about an incredibly frustrating day I had because I think it’s important to be transparent and write about the trials and tribulations of  farm life. But this post took another turn when I wrote this sentence: “But to be fair, this life has really grown on me.” So here is today’s authentic post, starting with that sentence:
But to be fair, this life has really grown on me. I noticed it for the first time the other day when filling out this “lists” book my mom got me. It’s a book that gives you prompts to write lists and it’s pretty cool (check it out here).

My list, please excuse my messy handwriting.

The first page asks you to list what makes you happy and surprisingly, it was tough for me. If you’ve read my earlier posts you know I’ve talked about losing myself in motherhood. I tend to think sooo much about my responsibilities that it actually takes effort for me to think about myself. This isn’t healthy and this is what leads to break downs. BUT I think my subconscious mind has my back because as I thought really hard about what makes me happy and started writing, I realized that most of the things on my list were things I do EVERY DAY. And it wasn’t anything I would have guessed I would have written. Well there were the obvious ones like reading and writing- my loves. Then there was: making my kids breakfast and lunch in the mornings, watching our horses run about the yard, making my house organized and pretty, and learning new things. Generally speaking, these are all things I associate with responsibility, but when I wrote them out in that way I realized that I do get joy out of these simple things. Then there were things that I cannot do as often or at all. For example, buying my parents things- things meaning anything from coffee to a house. I guess everyone dreams of buying their parents a house right? And working at the spa. I haven’t written about this, but I’m trained as a nail technician and esthetician, though it’s been years. I still miss it tremendously and I’ll write a post about it soon. Then there were the things I don’t do often enough though they are perfectly within my grasp if I make the effort, like spending more time with my extended family. My list isn’t finished, I keep thinking of things I didn’t write yet, like baking with my daughter.

And it came out amazing, even if I didn’t have real pie crust (yes those are wonton wrappers lol).

After I wrote my list I had my family write 5 things that make them happy and 5 things that make them mad. It was very enlightening for me lol.
I recently saw a YouTuber I watch post something about having a list of things that you can do daily that make you happy. I think that’s great advice. We’ll call it a “Daily Happiness List”. I’m going to put my list on the fridge so I can make sure I remember to do something that makes me feel fulfilled each day. Better yet, along with my list I’m going to have the kids write their own lists as well to post on their bedroom doors. With that being said, here are two other important lists that we’ve written together:
1.”Things No One Can Take Away From You”. This is a list I wrote with my children to cultivate their self esteem. Here are just a few words we added to that list: creativity, desire to improve, knowledge gained, intuition, passion, work ethic, personality, the love you have for others. I have this list on the fridge and every now and then I ask my children to pick three things off the list and tell them to me. My hope is that when things get tough they’ll remember that no matter what there are things nothing and no one can take from them.
2.”How To Love Me”. It’s a list about what makes them feel loved by their parents. I think those lists got lost in our move, but I’m definitely going to have them rewrite them. It’s an AMAZING list to reference when your kids are feeling down. I don’t remember everything on the lists but I remember a recurring theme was Listen and Don’t Forget Stuff (they’ve told me), the latter being a fault of mine when I’m stressed.

 My son and his notebook, he’s always creating something. 

I’m one of those people who love writing lists, but until this moment I never thought about what weight a list could carry if used for the purpose of connecting with ourselves and those around us. So many times our lists consist of groceries and bills, things that need to be purchased or mailed. Why not use lists as a tool to really tune into each other and to ourselves? I do have to leave you with some advice though, don’t freak out when your kids call you crazy for making them write these “dumb” lists, it makes them feel important even if they say it doesn’t. And it’s something they’ll understand someday, when they realize what an awesome mother you were😊.


  1. Thank you so much for your comment! I've been off the blog for awhile so I apologize for not replying sooner! I agree, I love putting a little check mark next to my accomplished tasks 😊. And I think these lists are super important just for us as women as well😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love lists! Mine usually refer to things I have to do, bills, and groceries. I just may try out the ones you listed too, but just for me since my kids are all grown. But I do love lists, they make me feel good when I know I've accomplished them.

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